Why It Often Makes Sense to Work with a Retained Search Firm to Find a Key Executive

Securing top talent matters more than ever, as many companies discover with each passing quarter. That is particularly the case at the top, where even a single executive can greatly influence the fate of a business for better or worse. While some companies persist in the belief that the status quo will be enough, their competitors are often becoming a lot more aggressive. Making use of the right recruiting and executive search services can be an excellent way of acquiring the talent that a company needs to excel. Finding a good match often starts with understanding what the two common styles of such firms typically have to offer.

Many recruiters and search specialists work, especially by default, on a contingent basis. Paid only when and if they place a candidate with a client, they tend to focus on volume. The scatter-shot approach that many prefer to fall back on might be a helpful way of maximizing the commissions that a given agency or recruiter will receive. On the other hand, it also tends to encourage a relatively uniformed approach to the talent search that will not always yield the best results for clients.

Retained search firm specialists, on the other hand, work in an entirely different manner. With their services being secured exclusively by a particular company for some period of time, they can focus specifically on what might be best for that client. Instead of building up huge lists of candidates and employers and hoping that some matches shake out, those who work in this style tend to focus on creating a fit that will benefit all involved.

While contingent search might make sense for positions lower down on the ladder, actively retaining a search firm will often be the best option when it comes time to fill a key executive position. This will help ensure that a company’s needs, culture, goals, and other specifics will be understood and accounted for as ably as possible. It will also make it far more likely that any executive who is placed will be both suited to the position and likely to find it rewarding. In the end, that alone can easily help make a company more competitive.