A Great Blogger with a Gift for Words

When I get bored, I like to go online and read blogs of people I don’t know. It is just really interesting to see the world through the eyes of someone else sometimes, and that is exactly what I was able to do when I found the blog of Ian Filippini. He had recently made a trip to Atlanta, and he made it come alive for me. I had never been there, but I am actually thinking about taking a trip there next summer just because of how many fun things there are to do there.

That is the reason why I like reading blogs of complete strangers. I have been to quite a few places that I would never have dreamed about before, all because someone else made it come alive for me through their use of words. I may not be able to write a good travel or review blog, but I certainly appreciate those who can. Rather than try to write about where I go myself, I just read where talented people like Ian go, and then I decide if it is worth it for me to consider going there too.

Since I am contemplating a trip to Atlanta now, it only makes sense that Ian is a great blogger. He does more than just travel reviews though. He is located in the same region that I am, and reading his restaurant reviews really is enough to make a person drool. I do enjoy a good pickle, but I could never make someone drool over one like Ian did with his review of a restaurant that he claims has the best pickles ever. Since the restaurant is not that far from me, I decided to go and try one. Like I said, Ian is a great blogger, because the pickles are the best I have ever had too!