We Chose a Metal Roof for Our New Home Because They Are Colorful and Much Quieter in the Rain Than You Think

The last step of closing in our newly framed home that was being built was the metal roof. My wife and I had a lot of discussions with the contractor building our new home as to what type of roof we should choose. Originally, we were going to go with the standard wood sheathing topped with roof felt and asphalt shingles. Then we thought about longevity, and we considered tile and even concrete for a roof before construction began. Then we investigated those colorful metal roofs and called a company that does roof installation in Brooklyn NY to learn more about them.

We thought they might be noisy, so the builder actually arranged for us to go into another home that was being built with a metal roof already installed. The interior of the home was being finished. Some heavy rainstorms were forecast for a Saturday, and the home’s owner and the builder agreed to give us a key to go spend some time in the unfinished house at the peak of the storms. We arrived at the house during a heavy downpour and went inside. No workers were there because it was the weekend. The rain pounded outside, and it was no louder in the new house with the metal roof than it was at our old house with shingles.

We decided before we left to have the company that does roof installation in Brooklyn NY put a gray metal roof on our new home. We wanted our home to have the cottage look familiar to us from homes we both grew up in close to a lake where we come from. Our new home really looks great on the outside with the lines of the metal roof and the color. I think more and more homes will be installing these new roof structures made of metal that is permanently colored.